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Available for single coil/Dual Coil/Mesh Coil

A true pioneer: Symba RDA, the first RDA supports both mesh coil and regular coil in the world, brings you a more versatile vaping experience, gives you the max possibility to build your own tank.


Symba rda Blue Symba rda Gun Symba rda Rainbow
Blue Gun Rainbow


Material:Stainless Steel


Drip Tip:810


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The innovative design of deck construction supports both regular coil and mesh coil, provide vapers more versatile vaping experience.

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Mesh Coil Single Coil Dual Coil Triple Coil


Both Honeycomb AFC (airflow control) and regular AFC are available. Regular AFC is the first choice of DTL vapers for its large intake. Honeycomb AFC is the RDL's first choice for its precise airflow system.


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The drip tip’s inverted groove design can perfectly prevent condensation from climbing into the mouth.



Unique deck design, making it much more convenient for cutting coil legs.


rda atomizer

810 Drip Tip

Airflow Cap

Airflow Chamber

Coil Head

RDA Deck

Squonk Pin

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Pull out the RDA sleeve

building dual coil rda

Loosen the screws, adjust the deck and the mesh coil, insert the adjusted mesh coil into the deck slot and tighten the screws

25mm dual coil rda

Fill in with the cotton, insert the excess cotton at both ends into the deck slot

1.5 ohm dual coil rda

Drop e-liquids to the cotton until it's soaked enough

rda dual coil


1 X Univapo Symba RDA

1 X User Manual

1 X Wire Coiling Tool

1 X T Head Screwdriver

3 X Cotton Strip

1 X U1 0.3ohm (Mesh)

2 X U2 0.5ohm (Nicr)

1 X Squonk Pin

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